The uniform is traditional at Blessed Trinity. It reflects Thunder pride and encourages student pride in their school. It creates a positive atmosphere for learning.

A general policy cannot detail all possible situations. The administration will interpret the application of the general policy to any particular situation and their decision is final. Students who travel to another school within the Board to take a course must comply with the uniform policy of the teaching school.

  • Students will cooperate with the school's uniform policy at all times.

  • Students will be in uniform all day, everyday, from arrival to departure excluding designated days as determined by the Principal of the school.

  • The only shirts, sweaters, pants, kilts or shorts that students will wear are the official school uniform items supplied for the specific school.

  • Students will be neat in appearance.

  • Students will wear uniform items properly.

  • Students will keep uniform items clean and in good repair.

  • Students will wear clothing that is sized appropriately: neither too large nor immodestly tight.

  • Students who have outgrown their uniform items are expected to replace them.

  • Students who are not wearing the uniform properly will not attend class.