Student Council

The student council consists of a team of students working together with teacher staff advisors to help improve all aspects of student life at Blessed Trinity. Student council organizes school dances, fundraisers, air bands and many other activities through out the school year. There are leadership conferences and development opportunities. It is a great way to meet new people and have fun.


The Thunderstruck team is comprised of students who work with grade 9's to ensure their transition is a positive one, both spiritually and emotionally.


Sky Pilots are a group of students led by the Chaplaincy Leader who are interested in developing Christian leadership skills. They enhance the spiritual life of the school by participating in Masses and prayer services, Pilgrimage, social justice projects, and awareness campaigns.


With the busy music department schedule, a group of students are provided with leadership training and experience as they assist in organizing and publicizing music events and fundraisers. These students also help organize social events for the department as well as assisting Ms. Maccaroni with keeping the Blessed Trinity music program running smoothly. 

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