BT Athelete Tia Pucci Wins 2 Juel Ontario Awards

Updated: May 13, 2020

The JUEL organization has posted the award winners for the 2019-2020 season and Blessed Trinity student, Tia Pucci is one of a selected group in the league that has been awarded one of the Molten Awards for Academic Excellence and one of the Athletica Elite Community Service Awards.

Tia has been playing for the Blessed Sacrament JUEL PREP basketball team - a league that consists of 16 teams across Ontario at the grade 9-10 level.  Unfortunately, like all sports across Ontario, their season and championship weekend in May was cancelled, including the Awards Banquet all held at the University of Guelph.

Of the nominees, she had the second highest marks for a student-athlete in this league for her division - an honour, given the great company she is in (approximately 200 athletes).

There are a few other award winning athletes at the JUEL (grade 11/12-14 teams) and JUEL PREP divisions from Niagara Catholic as well.

Not only a strong student, Tia is heavily involved in her Community as a volunteer Coach at the Stoney Creek Basketball and Newman Youth Summer Sports Camps. She has volunteered with the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority – Ball’s Falls Thanksgiving Festival Trash/Recycling event. A member of the Organizing Committee for the Blessed Trinity Catholic Secondary School Pilgrimage Walk for Las Pajas and Rankin Rally Walk for Cancer, volunteered at the grade 8 Open House Science Department demonstration and is a Senior Girl’s basketball Ambassador. 

It was Tia’s intent, for her fourth lifetime donation, to cut her hair at the Rankin Rally to contribute to “Wigs for Kids”. She is strongly committed to this important Community venture that benefits the Niagara Health Care system Cancer Research initiative, in her mother's honour, Mrs. Pucci - a beloved member of the BT staff and community.

Congratulations Tia! The BT Community is SO PROUD of you and your accomplishments!

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