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The Blessed Trinity administration and staff work closely with students to guide them in achieving academic excellence. Students are challenged academically, physically, socially, and spiritually to reach their full potential. It is hoped that graduates look forward with a sense of optimism to their future and look back on their years at Blessed Trinity with a sense of pride.

Students have every opportunity for success at Blessed Trinity. If they require academic support, a wide variety of programs are in place to assist students with being academically successful. These programs include: tutoring, lunch time study hall, and after-school help programs. Academic progress is closely monitored at Blessed Trinity with open communication between the school and the home. Parents receive regular markbook printouts during the school year in order to keep them informed of their child's progress. Academic excellence is celebrated each year with a September awards assembly for students who have excelled in a particular grade and subject area.

Student services co-ordinates and oversees academic programming. The Student Services Department is student centered. The Department actively counsels students about course selections and with planning post-secondary opportunities.