The Academic Crest was designed by the first Principal of Blessed Trinity CSS, Mr. Michael Lostracco in 1997. His vision was brought to light with the help of graphic artist Ms. Sheila Burtnik, from Burtnik Printing in St. Catharines. The crest was to depict the three attributes of Wisdom, Mercy, and Power. The school colours of navy blue, white and silver were incorporated into the design. The crest was to communicate the meaning of the Blessed Trinity and to convey the attributes of Wisdom, Mercy, and Power.

The foundation of the crest is the Celtic Trinity Knot which symbolizes the Blessed Trinity-one God in three Persons; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The knot strongly expresses the oneness and unending life of the Blessed Trinity. Like the knot, the Triune God has no beginning and no end. Each person of the Blessed Trinity is symbolized in the crest. The sun represents God the Father and His creating power. The cross represents Christ, God the Son. The vertical beam of the cross touches the book of life, the Holy Bible, because Christ is the Word of God (see John 1: 1-18). The dove represents the Holy Spirit.

The silver shield in the crest indicates that we are defenders of the faith as soldiers of Christ (miles Christi). The green foliage symbolizes life and the location of Blessed Trinity CSS which is at the base of the Niagara Escarpment. At the bottom of the crest is an olive branch symbolizing peace. The peace and love shared within the Blessed Trinity is a model for the school community.


The school motto of "Wisdom, Mercy, Power" is found at the bottom of the crest and articulates attributes of the Blessed Trinity which are instilled in the students of Blessed Trinity CSS. Through the academic program at Blessed Trinity students receive the knowledge needed to excel as members of society. In a faith based environment students understand the attribute of mercy and have opportunities to live it out. Our students leave Blessed Trinity CSS empowered to live out their Christian commitment as followers of Christ.